Welcome to the SMP universe.

Well, it will be our home soon. As a company renowned for powering exceptional performance, we’re sure you’ll understand as we power up our exceptional new website.

In the meantime, a little about ourselves.
We are a rapidly growing specialty chemical and aerosol manufacturer in the industrial, leisure and hygiene sectors. You’ll find our products on the shelves of companies and warehouses in the industrial, mining, engineering, transport, institutional and hygiene sectors of the SA chemical market.

Born from the Chemrite stable and having become independent in 1988, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep growing our business and improving on our offerings. No matter what the economic climate, our young, vibrant and dedicated team has kept us ahead of the pack.

Today, our 4000m2 manufacturing facility houses a wide range of products and functions, which are all run in accordance with Alpha accredited ISO9001:2008 management GMP systems and are under preparation for ISO14001:2005 accreditation and certification.
We are also proud holders of a Level 2 BEE status.

We manufacture and supply:

  • Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Degreasers, Laundry and Industrial Detergent Powders
    and other specialty chemicals,
  • Aerosol product ranges - Automotive, Motorcycle and Cycle Lubes and cleaners,
    Industrial Lubes and Cleaners, 
  • Hygiene Chemicals and Aerosols,
  • Institutional chemicals and Aerosols,
  • Environmentally Sensitive Chemicals and Enzyme based products,
  • Contract Packing for the Automotive, Flooring, Industrial, Non-Destructive Testing,
    Defence and Hygiene sectors.  









   Until our website is up and running, you can reach us on

   Specialised Maintenance Products (Pty)Ltd

   14/18 Brighton Road
   Bramley View

   Telephone:+27(0)11 882 1200
   Fax:+27(0)11 882 5279

   Alternative Tel: 082-876-0773 or 082-876-1382